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The advantages of CTP in printing
Apr 19, 2018

The advantages of CTP in printing


The technology of CTP can combing the technology of digital printing and Traditional offset printing technology, which  complements each other's disadvantages. In printing, CTP has advantages as follows:


1.Saving printing time

The technology of CTP has simplify the process of plate burning, and eliminate the preparing time and the man power, which saves the time needed to print books.

Nowadays, the publishers have high requirement of book printing cycle . Then the technology of CTP is the effective choice of decreasing the printing time.


2.Improving the printing quality

CTP technology uses special network technology and high fidelity printing, and saves the output film and artificial plate, sun plate, development and other processes in traditional plate making. It reduces the error of human operation and can achieve high precision. The CTP system can minimize the variable factors in the plate making. The output of the printing plate has a good reduction, reduces the loss and attenuation of the dot, overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional sun plate and so on, and makes the high light parts and the details of the dark parts well restored. The improvement of printing quality. In addition, in traditional plate making, too many times or too long storage time will affect the reprint effect. The books printed using CTP technology, either monochrome or four color, are stored in the form of electronic documents in the form of an optical disk. No matter how long or how many times, the quality of printing will not change.


3. Reduce the cost of printing

CTP technology uses edited books to make use of computer plate printing directly. It does not need to output film. The publishing house saves the cost of output film and reduces the printing cost. One of the 10 sheets of 32 open books for example, each film is calculated by 1.50 yuan, a fee of 480 yuan can be saved. If it is a four color book, it can save 16 thousand yuan by calculating the sample charge of 50 yuan per plane. CTP technology is still in the promotion stage in our country. Too much equipment investment, high demand for personnel, high price of plate and so on have hindered the further popularization of this technology. Even the companies that have introduced the technology have not seen the drop in printing cost. It is understood that after the use of CTP, plate making personnel can be reduced from 20 to 5 people, saving printing time and reducing labor costs for enterprises. In addition, owning CTP also increases the advantages of  strength and competition of enterprises. In fact, some well running printing enterprises have gradually digested the factors that resulted in the rising printing costs through the shortening of the time, the decrease of the personnel and the expansion of the printing scale. Even if temporarily unable to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, it also won time and quality, which is also meaningful for publishing houses.