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The analysis of the trend of development of CTP technology
Apr 25, 2018

The analysis of the trend of development of CTP 



Since the CTP technology appeared in 80s 19 century, the advanced nature of its technology and the stability of quality have been recognized by the majority of users Through the extensive equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers, especially the research department of the material research joint efforts, which approves a momentum of rapid development. As a result, how will the technology of CTP develop in the future?


1.       Multi-disciplinary technology coordinated development.

The CTP technology is a comprehensive multidisciplinary technology industry, including Precision machinery and optical technology, electronic technology, color digital image technology, computer and software technology, the new plate and material technology, automation technology and network technology in the integration of automatic production system.

2.       The trend of diversification is obvious.

In terms of hardware, thermal CTP plate, violet CTP plate, UV-CTP plate and inkjet CTP plate, all of which have their own application in market and develop well. On the aspect of Software Process,  digital workflow is the core of CTP system. In the current market, there are 5 kinds of solutions of digital working, AGFA's epi, KODAK printing and the printing of the Heidelberg network screen of the huizhi and the north square positive flow. These digital workflow is quite mature, and it emphasizes the integration and operability of open compatibility system, which achieves the effect of stable and efficient operation.

3.       Emphasis on green and low carbon is the development direction.

Nowadays, energy-saving and low-carbon has become the main direction of development in all industries, and CTP technology is no exception. The continuous improvement of technology, the level of green design of products and the improvement of comprehensive utilization of resources have played an important role in the future development of CTP technology in the direction of energy conservation.

4.       Technology of CTP is developing towards an integrated solution.

As for enterprises, the aim is to print more products. So that more enterprises require equipment suppliers to provide integrated solutions, from prepress specification PDF file PDF trap processing to electronic puzzle And network CTP output, digital proofing Color and ink quality management data automatic printing output curve correction and so on. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the research and supply departments have increased their research and development, and the competition of equipment suppliers is mainly focused on the integration solution. Technology of CTP has brought us a technological change, and whether the advances in technology can guarantee a good profit for our printing companies requires a great deal of hard working.