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The application of CTP plate in Carton printing enterprise
Apr 23, 2018

The application of CTP plate in  Carton printing 



  Recent years, the application of CTP plate in carton production is becoming more and more extensive, being an important way of shorting production cycle, controlling production cost and improving production efficiency and product quality.  Though the advantages of CTP can’t be questioned, there still are some problems need to be solved, in order to Make it to preprint carton production to inject new vitality.


The tendency of the application

  Using dry film version is most of the carton printing enterprises adopt the mode of the plate making, film material is expensive now, however, for the wide consumption film size carton products, the cost is considerable. In addition, the film plate making process of the implementation of the green printing will cause certain obstacles, which affect the carton printing enterprise's competitiveness. In this context, both cost and environmental advantages of CTP plate making it logical to become the development direction of offset printing process carton plate making.


  With the continuous deepening of the production cost control, the application of CTP process has been increasing. But when develop the CTP plate making process, we should also see the CTP plate-making process exists some problems that not allow to ignore, such as plate prices are relatively high. Expensive plate-making equipment fittings due to the operator's operation technology is not skilled or not seriously due to the plate making error rate is high, and the result of the plate quality is not stable reprint stability of printing quality problems. Problems above all  are to be further improved and perfected.