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The category and four branches of CTP technology
Apr 27, 2018

The category and four branches of CTP technology

There are 4 members of CTP----- CTPlate、CTPress、CTProof and CTPaper/Print. There are two broad categories of properties---CTPlate和CTPress, which are directly imaging on the plate, and CTProof and CTPaper/Print, which are imaging directly on the substrate.

Characteristics of the first kind of technology is the computer system of the Digital Page (Digital Page) directly into the plate, and then through the process of the traditional pressure will shift the plate on the graphic information on substrates (print), the final products in the process of the plate become connected with the Digital Page and print medium of mediation; The latter type of technology is characterized by converting the digital pages in the computing system directly into a color hardcopy (a sample print) and not using any intermediary agent like the printing plate.


From another perspective, represented by CTPlate and CTPress imaging technology in the plate directly belong to the traditional form plate, printing method by the pressure, is the inevitable extension of digital printing copy technology. This printing technique can still be perfectly explained from the traditional print definition, printing pressure and copying are the three key words. However, the technology of direct imaging on substrate is no longer used in the traditional form or is not used at all, which is the category of Plateless Printing, and the formation of the final image does not depend on pressure, which is NIPNon-impact Printing.

Obviously, pressure plate and copy is no longer the keywords of this printing method, of course this kind of printing technology also would be unlikely to fully explain the definition from the traditional printing But that does not mean that if need to discuss digital printing whether belong to this form


From the perspective of historical development, the birth of the printing is closely connected with the use of the plate no matter from quality, speed efficiency or from the point of view of cost, the plate as a medium of mediation is the best choice for a large number of production the same product (print).

In order to get to meet the requirements of speed quality and cost efficiency of print, people not only need to use plate in history, and to make this plate also need to use other intermediary media, silver halide photographic film is the most typical example even today, there’s a large proportion in these days.

The use of silver halide photographic film reaches its peak in the photographic plate making process, have used for image and text plate making use of the mask film Color separation film dot copy film typesetting film (or paper), and used to make print a copy of the full page film and so on, wide variety. Printing was once one of the biggest users of industrial silver salt.