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The current advantages of CTcP technology
Sep 22, 2017

CTcP has many advantages, the most obvious is to improve the production efficiency, save time and reduce production costs. However, CTcP in the end to reflect the extent of the advantages, but also with the printing company on the degree of mastery of digital technology. From the traditional plate-making transformation to the computer directly plate, in time and cost there are many important factors.

    The current advantages of CTcP technology

    1. Significant economy

    a) simplifies the process. CTcP system to reduce the traditional process in the film, copy and other process, saving supplies and related costs.

    b) use the traditional PS plate. In a variety of CTP systems, the inevitable need for specialized CTP plate, the price is very expensive. The CTcP plate used in the plate is cheap conventional printing plate, which is now used in the process of the general PS plate. Compared with other CTP technology, CTcP system due to the use of the traditional PS plate and the developer and syrup, so have a greater price advantage, to achieve the production of low-cost operation.

    c) The device is simple. The CTcP system uses UV-sensitive media, so it is easy to operate under the conditions of the room, and the company can introduce the system without changing the pre-press operation environment. Its light source using UV lamp, life has been increased to 2500 hours, and the price of less than 1/10 of the laser light source, so the equipment operation and maintenance costs are low.

    2. No need to output film, improve the quality of printing

    CTcP system inherits the advantages of the CTP system ─ ─ no need to output film, the same can also be achieved by the computer plate. This way can save the film material and rinse the processing material, saving the time of hand-imposition. Many users who use CTcP have experience working with film, without the need for film, the printing quality of printed materials has improved significantly, because the image and the network from the traditional pre-press process in the impact of quality attenuation. After printing the plate, the quality is better, because the film on the dust, scratches and other factors that do not exist, and positioning more accurate. In short, CTcP plate technology to get the network, is directly passed to the printing plate of the first generation of outlets, the edge of clean and sharp, faithful manuscript.

    3. Quickly and steadily into the traditional plate-making process

    As the CTcP system is still used by the printing plant familiar with the ordinary PS plate, so the producers can no doubt continue to use the original plate-making process in a variety of liquid, development equipment and drilling device to achieve a good plate system and Compatibility of presses. Printing companies do not have to worry about the printability of the changes arising from the problems, but also do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to complete the media and the printing press matching work. CTcP technology not only simplifies the original lengthy process, but also to maximize the traditional operating habits and print adaptability, in order to achieve stable and efficient production tasks to provide the best way.

    In connection with other prepress systems, CTcP also has its own unique. All UV-Setter series CTcP platesetters are equipped with an open 1-BitTiff interface. No matter what equipment and workflow as long as the output file for the 1-BitTiff format, can be perfect with the CTcP plate machine. For the printing business, this means that the operator can quickly and easily implement the digital plate-making process without additional investment. In addition, simple equipment and open workflow, for future maintenance, upgrade has more advantages.

    4. Reduce printing time and material loss

    Because no plate positioning, so the quality of the plate is better, and will not be due to positioning and need to re-plate, to avoid the machine when printing a lot of time to spend the school version. With the printing industry, the short version of the live more and more, for the version and on the machine debugging to become regular work. Reduce the printing debugging time, can significantly save time and cost. CTcP plate is more accurate than the traditional analog plate making, so the machine debugging to reduce the (fountain) water, paper, ink and other supplies waste.


  5. Simple operation

    All UV materials (plates or proofing materials) can be operated in the room, and blue and purple laser light in the darkroom, the light is weak or yellow light source environment, can easily drying a variety of sizes of printing Version, but also can handle multiple plates at the same time, in the same piece of media on multiple exposure.

    6. Print customers are more satisfied

    Printing customers are more satisfied with the quality of printed materials, printing production time is shorter, which means more timely delivery, reducing the operating costs of the factory, the printing company in the fierce market competition in the upper hand.

    7.UV direct light plate making the advantages

    Using 360 ~ 450nm UV light exposure, means that the process can be used in the conventional plate version of the conventional PS version, which is the printing industry for many years using the printing plate, familiar with its performance and processing processes, technology is mature, and PS than thermal CTP plate, violet laser plate cheaper, PS version of the world's printing industry to use the most printing plate. Do not need to train the printing staff, because they have been well aware of the performance of this plate.

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