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The effect of flexo printing on the quality of corrugated boxes
Sep 27, 2018

The effect of flexo printing on the quality of corrugated boxes

At present, most of the corrugated box printing in China adopts flexo printing. In order to ensure the decoration effect of the corrugated box and ensure the strength of the corrugated box meets the requirements of use, it is necessary to fully consider the factors such as printing layout design, printing plate quality, color sequence arrangement and color block size. According to the requirements of corrugated box, this paper starts from the characteristics of corrugated box flexo printing and analyzes the influence of flexo printing on the quality of corrugated box.

Corrugated box use requirements

1.Strength requirement

Corrugated boxes, whether as outer packaging, sales packaging, or shipping packaging, should meet the requirements for protecting the contents. However, in the process of loading, unloading, turnover, stacking, etc., the product is extremely vulnerable to external impact and damage, so in order to protect the safety of the product, it is necessary to put forward certain requirements for the strength of the corrugated box. The strength indexes of corrugated boxes are mainly the side pressure strength, the burst strength, the bonding strength and the compressive strength.

2. Appearance requirements

SN/T0262-93 "Industrial Standards for Import and Export Commodity Inspection of the People's Republic of China: Inspection Regulations for Corrugated Boxes for Export Commodity Packaging and Packaging" is a relatively recognized and common standard for both supply and demand, and has high practicality, so many corrugated box manufacturers Directly quote the standard as the production standard of your own company. The standard requirements for corrugated boxes are "box surface pattern, clear and correct text, consistent depth, and accurate position." In combination with production experience, the author interprets this clause as the following three aspects.

(1) The printed content is loyal to the original. There should be no deviation or artificial modification of the printed content; there should be no missing strokes, graphic defects, etc.; there should be no typos, white characters, etc. in the text; the printed content must comply with relevant laws and regulations.

(2) The printing color is the same, no color difference. That is, the same batch of prints have the same color and no color difference. Typically, corrugated box manufacturers can use a spectrodensitometer for color measurement.

(3) The printing position is accurate. Relevant laws and regulations have special requirements for the marking position of product packaging in certain industries. When printing such products, the location of the logo and logo shall not be changed without authorization.

Corrugated box flexo features