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The mistakes of output of CTP and the solution
Apr 24, 2018

The mistakes of output of CTP and the solution

The common faults and treatments of CTP are as follows:

1.    The version of the picture is not enough pixels.


  There was a problem with the document.

  Solution: File reprocessing


   At the time of publication, the same single can be published in the first version of the manuscript    (carefully to the draft), and after correction, no problem can be published. If there is any problem,   please report to the supervisor immediately and change the document.


2.    The plate is not clean

  It can be seen from the bottom of the page, but it can't be seen. (it can't be seen with the expander.)   Avoid this situation again: use the offset pen to wipe off the edge of the plate, clean and then have   a very sharp contrast.

  Solution: Improve CTP exposure energy.

Similar problem processing: the plate is not clean, caused by a variety of reasons, the above        summarizes the following.


2.1       The speed of the stamping machine: when the CTP energy reaches the standard, the plate is flushed out with a blue background to adjust the speed of the machine.

2.2       Developing temperature in the case of CTP energy standard, rushed out a blue background In the case of speed cannot be adjusted wiping down temperature (such as increasing the temperature will dilute outlets, after can be appropriately adjust speed)

2.3       Plate machine hair stick pressure, this method is seldom used in the case of above 1 and 2 are invalid, can tighten the hair stick pressure appropriately (note: hair stick in the case of brush version is hurt, shorter hair stick hair is shattered and will influence the effect of the plate)

3.    The stamping machine has a dirty point.

Reason: The plate is washed out with a dirty point.

Solution: Check whether the version of the rubber roller is dirty and clean in the plate machine operation development, directly take some off some older imaging enhancement up to complement or add some new developer (if enhancement with too long, need to consider changing development, change about heart, clean the machine)


Avoid this situation again: every time before publication, you must use the waste version of a few times to check whether the replenishing fluid can be pumped up, after using the sponge wet water to wipe the glue stick.