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The printing industry begin to develop steadily.
Apr 19, 2018

In the past two years, the situation of the world economy is complex. The recovery of economy in the developed world is still weak, meanwhile emerging market economies are slowing. Though the growth rate of Chinese economy is slowing down,  the results of the supply-side structural reform are obvious, and new types of kinetic energy are growing rapidly. As one of the culture industries and the important industry categories for supporting the national economy, Chinese industry improve with macro economy and begin to develop with macro economy.


Firstly, it is the overall maintained steady growth In 2016 China's printing industry output value is expected to exceed 1.16 trillion yuan, growth rate at about 4% Although development speed gradually decreased from 10% before 2012, but China is still the world's major economies in the printing industry one of the fastest developing speed, and within the expected range will remain steady growth trend.


Secondly,  industrial restructuring is changing into good position. We have won connotation quality and competitiveness, which strengthens the core control force.


Thirdly, technical improvement become quicker. Recent years, Chinese printing equipment always keep  a fast update pace. At present, the total number of CTP in China is about 15,000, and more than 10,000 manufacturing digital printing machines are produced. In recent years, the total import of printing equipment and equipment still exceeds $2 billion annually, especially the rapid growth of digital and automation equipment.


Lastly, International cooperation is deepening and expanding. With the continuous improvement of the overall strength of China's printing industry, the desire for participation in international exchanges and cooperation in various fields is unprecedentedly high.