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The requirements of digital printing plate for CTP performance
Apr 28, 2018

The requirements of digital printing plate for CTP performance


Digital printing plates on the CTP performance requirements, as we all know, the CTP process can bring many benefits for printing: excellent image quality, near perfect alignment, quick production turnover However, its virtues not only due to the imaging equipment, but also depend on the CTP plate of quality and performance.


Here will focus on the several characteristics of plate, look how they interact auxiliary digital plate-making CTP equipment, thus affect the imaging quality which apply to all the CTP plate, but is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials at present, the global temperature sensitive materials the use of rapid growth, has also been recognized as the first selection of high quality lithographic plate.


The requirements for aluminum.

In traditional plate-making, branches can accurate position on the plate, largely depends on the use of vacuum device or device for continuous replication puzzle and locate the position of the alignment device is accurate No matter what, this need in the flat plate is quite smooth, but as a result of the imaging process adopts direct contact exposure method, the whole process can accept the change of the various types of plate surface roughness, and the surface roughness changes are manufactured by the traditional plate of aluminum surface treatment caused. However, because the digital printing plate is exposed by the energy focused by the laser source, the requirements for the flatness of the digital plates, including the treatment of the aluminum substrate, are more strict.


In addition, the use of energy focus imaging and direct imaging in different ways and means in the digital imaging on the plate when there will be no visible stripes, because in the aluminum anodic oxidation and grinding processing edition of stripe is not produced.


Emulsion coating on the digital version of the material, must be smooth, uniform, and no defects. Because on laser plate maker directly generated by the network size is very small, in the process of drum production any dust in the air, no matter how small, fell on the plate, can lead to this point. In fact, the image of a person also can produce irregular images due to electrostatic spots, and very small even with check traditional printing plates cannot see a magnifying glass.