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Thermal CTP Plate
Jan 12, 2018

Thermal CTP plate material: it now has two main types of thermal melting and thermal crosslinking.

Thermal CTP plate characteristics

(1) Thermal CTP plates have a low sensitivity to natural light using infrared laser exposure so they can operate under bright room conditions.

(2) Thermal plates must generate initial thermal energy thresholds while thermal energy above the initial threshold does not change the shape of the network dots. It is the only technique that can control the predicted results. The quality is easy to control and the publication quality is stable. After exposure Of the plate can be extended to 6 months after developing, the quality of the plate will not have the slightest impact.

(3) Reproduction of thermal plate outlets, high resolution and the sharp edge of the network, easy to reach the printing ink balance, with good printability, and the plate after the baked version of the printing capacity up to 100 Wan million above.