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These problems during the plate making process
Aug 13, 2018

These problems during the plate making process

Forgot to close the folder after embossing resin or flexo

Some customers are not familiar with the equipment, and have not formed a habit of correct operation steps. It is easy to forget to close the folder after the next version, and the mechanism cannot be automatically reset. The solution is: set the operation interface to the offline state, press all the zero return buttons, so that all the institutions return to zero, the problem is solved.

Vertical thin lines on the print have a jagged feel

This situation is more common in the black version, which is the effect of the screen angle. The solution is to replace the color plate with a 45° screen angle. For example, the black version of the problem is 75 °, and the magenta version is 45 °, you can change the black and magenta version of the screen angle. 45° is the most familiar and best viewing angle of the human eye. The thin line observed at this angle will appear straight and will not produce a jagged feel.

The screening angle of each color version has a default allocation method in the software, but allows the user to set a new template according to the characteristics of the most frequently printed products of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the call.

Basic maintenance of equipment

The basic maintenance of the equipment mainly covers the equipment cover, drum surface, ball screw and linear guide, equipment interior, electrical components, and optical lens. See Table 1 for details. The maintenance period of these parts is not static and can be adjusted according to the actual situation. For example, the adhesive tape at the end of the paste is very sticky in the summer. The degumming is very serious. It is easy to leave residual glue on the roller. The cleaning needs to be frequent, and it should be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth that does not lint and powder.