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Three Differences of CTcP and CTP
Sep 22, 2017

In the pre-press digital revolution, driven by the Chinese printing industry since the late 90s of last century entered a period of rapid development. This will subvert the traditional printing production methods of digital concept development has been throughout the printing industry in various fields. In this field, which has been described as "changing the destiny of Chinese printing," the pre-press-making area has been pushed to the digital revolution in the field of pioneers and has become the best of all kinds of emerging technologies and production ideas and various new types of equipment Debut and competitive stage. In many of the new pre-press equipment, the most prominent when the set is "digital information, production standardization, management systematization" in a computer-to-plate (CTP) equipment. The device with its "high-tech, high-quality, high efficiency," the advantages of many manufacturers competing to become a hot spot, and once a first-class printing company logo and pre-digital pronouns.

    However, whether it has a CTP really means that there is a digital?

    With the development of CTP technology, people find that the answer is uncertain. Many unsuccessful purchase cases have repeatedly proved to people the same reason, namely: the simple introduction of CTP equipment to achieve simple, efficient digital production is not much significance; only to the performance of equipment and business advantages and characteristics of integration, In order to play the maximum efficiency of CTP equipment.

    CTcP and CTP What is the difference between what kind of prepress equipment can best reflect the advantages of digital production? So far, pre-press computer-made plate-making equipment is divided into two categories: the general CTP and CTcP. Although the two processes are saving the film plate making process, and all the use of digital information to achieve "prepress production - data transmission - direct plate" one-stop operation, but from the technical characteristics and practical implementation of the point of view, CTP and CTcP There is a big difference. CTcP is the extension and development of CTP.

    Difference: CTcP and CTP the most essential difference is that the use of exposure materials are different.

    CTcP will digital information in the ordinary PS version, and CTP will be digital information in a special photosensitive layer coated with a special CTP plate.

    As we all know, "things are rare". As the CTP laser light source on the requirements of the wavelength is very harsh, the wavelength range is very narrow, so the CTP imaging exposure on the media sensitive layer requirements are extremely high. CTP plate corresponding to the coating process and production costs and therefore the popularity of the ordinary PS version is too cumbersome and more expensive. Most of the printing business procurement staff headache is that the CTP plate is not only expensive and scarce, only Agfa, Kodak Poly light, Fuji Starlight and several of several imported plate suppliers to provide products. Domestic brands are not only rare, and the plate of the indicators and performance compared with the import is also very different, can not meet the requirements of normal printing.

    Familiar with the production of the printing operators are aware that the printing production in each plate than the original half or even double will mean anything. If a PS version of 35 yuan, a CTP version of 70 yuan, a year with the amount of 20,000 square meters of small and medium-sized printing enterprises will lose 700,000 yuan a year profit. Although CTP can also bring a lot of potential economic benefits for the enterprise, but the face of such a clear cost gap, the other advantages are also pale and weak.

    Difference 2: CTcP and CTP exposure technology is different.

    Whether it is CTcP equipment or CTP equipment, exposure technology is the core content. It is not only related to the quality of exposure imaging, but also closely related to the life of the device. Exposure head structure and movement of the state directly affect the daily use of equipment maintenance and maintenance.

    CTcP using short arc ultraviolet high pressure mercury lamp as the exposure light source, through the digital dot imaging technology and magnetic levitation drive to complete the entire platform exposure operation.

    Its exposure head consists of two parts: one is a high-precision optical components; the other part of the control and detection of exposure imaging of modern electronic sensor device. The device can automatically adjust the height of the exposure head according to the unevenness of the surface of the printing plate, thus ensuring the exposure quality. Compared with CTP equipment using laser as light source, CTcP exposure head maintenance is more convenient and easy; replacement of light without professional, ordinary operators will be able to complete. No mechanical wear of the magnetic levitation drive technology not only the accuracy of the entire equipment error to a minimum, but also greatly reduces the probability of equipment failure, to create high-quality products to provide a solid guarantee. This advantage is the CTP device does not have, because the daily use of mechanical long days of the drive will inevitably lead to wear and tear, which is in any case can not be avoided.

    Difference three: CTcP, CTP and printing process fusion performance is different.

    The ultimate purpose of the plate is printing, and then the advanced plate-making method only with the printing process smooth joint, only with practical value.

    Although CTcP equipment and CTP equipment can be integrated into the printing process, but both the requirements and the results are completely different.

    CTP plate coating material and ordinary PS version of the coating material is very different, resulting in its printing process in the performance of the printability and ordinary PS version of the printability is also very different. The balance of the ink, the pressure of the press, the pH of the liquid, and the environment around the press must be re-adjusted and tested in actual printing. Practice has proved that both the operator of the press and the manager, this is a relatively long and complex process of change. The replacement of various printing parameters increases the difficulty of CTP and the rapid integration of printing technology, resulting in the recovery of investment costs, resulting in economic benefits of the time extended.

    CTcP in the integration with the printing process advantages prominent. The consistency of the media to ensure the normal operation of the printing suitability. Printing companies do not have to worry about the printability of the changes arising from the problems, but also do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to complete the media and the printing press matching work. Relatively stable printing parameters make the plate making process and printing process in a very short period of time will be able to complete the mutual financial, and produce economic benefits.

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