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What is CTCP plate?
Sep 22, 2017

CTCP plate refers to the CTP in the traditional PS version, as a form of CTP plate process, actually CTcP plate plate and CTP plate is the second best alternative, but in order to complete the CTP derived in a new way.

The so-called CTP, is from the computer to the printing plate (CTPlate), printing presses (CTPress), Yang Zhang (CTProof), printed matter (CTPaper/Print) and the general PS Version (CTcP) in English abbreviation. The printing industry is often said that the CTP from the computer to the printing plate (CTPlate), is the use of computers to the original picture and text after digital processing, graphic combination and proofreading signed after the image directly in the plate, and then through developing postprocessing procedures or free postprocessing made of printed version.

CTP technology can be divided into photosensitive CTP Technology (visible light, purple laser, UV light) and thermal CTP technology, the following focuses on thermal CTP technology. More CTP plus based on existing printing conditions for the transformation of the computer direct plate solution - CTcP plate material, has more advantages than CTP plate.

1, can use PS plate material

Although the CTP plate plate after years of production, the price has dropped considerably, but still cannot be reduced to PS plate price level, while the use of CTcP plate plate in the plate is the cheapest conventional printing plate, is now in the process of using general PS plate.

2, the light source is more durable

In a survey of CTP plate printing network had done, there are more than 60% of the respondents believe that the biggest cost of using CTP plate in laser head, not only for a short time, the replacement of a laser head cost is quite high. While for the CTcP plate, because the lamp used cheap and durable, cost a maximum in about 60 thousand yuan, and CTP plate laser whose consumption 100 thousand yuan / year is quite good. It is understood that the new generation of CTcP version of the material will use LED to replace the tube, so that its life is unlimited in theory.

3, simple operation

The utility model can be operated in a bright indoor environment, and the printing plate with various specifications and sizes can be easily dried. Now do not need to change the hardware configuration of CTcP plates can be used 1bit/tiff format data, and the use of RIP data, using conventional chemical developing machine and treatment, without the use of special network, can be connected with the existing network environment.

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