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Xincang Will Build a Printing Exhibition Hall
Jul 19, 2018

Xincang Will Build a Printing Exhibition Hall

A few days ago, the design of the Xincang Printing Exhibition Hall completed the project results and will become the first printing exhibition hall in the city.

The packaging and printing industry in Xincang Town started in the 1980s. After more than 30 years of development, packaging and printing has become the pillar industry of Xincang Town. Xincang has also become the leading packaging and printing industry chain in China. The local printing companies represented by Printing Co., Ltd. and Mozhihua Printing Co., Ltd. have grown rapidly and become industry leaders. In 2016, Xincang Town created a modern printing town of Pinghu, a characteristic town in Jiaxing. In order to further promote the printing culture, strengthen the publicity of the community, let the public know more about the printing town and printing culture, and Xincang Town set about creating a printing exhibition hall.

It is understood that the printing exhibition hall will be located in the center of Xincang Town, next to the Pinglang Road, adjacent to the future historical and cultural tourism ancient street, with a total land area of 8,952 square meters, a total construction area of 12,979 square meters, of which 8929 square meters above ground , 4050 square meters underground. The functional layout is divided into three parts, including an inward and independent exhibition hall experience area, a privately sealed office area, and an open and transparent travel service center. At the same time, a underground courtyard is set up on the underground floor of the exhibition hall facing the north side of the city road, and the exhibition hall is commercially implanted.