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Medical Dry Film

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Dry Medical Film With Good Quality

Dry Medical Film With Good Quality

Low fog
High sharpness
High max density
Bright tone
Conveniently to use

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Product Details

Bridgehead Dry medical film BX410

Safe light

It can be processed under room light since the film was not sensitive to light


The product can be directly printed by Fuji thermal printer to get ideal image. The print conditions should be tested when use the film in other printer.

Conditions of usage

The best condition of usage as following:

Temperature 18℃ 〜24℃, humidity 50%〜65%RH.



Please store the film in cool and dry place with out dust. Keep away from direct sunlight, acid or alkaline gas. Details as follows:

1.Temperature and humidity: temperature 10°C ~ 23°C, humidity 30% ~ 65%RH, keep away from the heat resource.

About us

Bridgehead is a professional exporter and manufacturer in graphic market with decades of experience. Our main products including CTP Plate, CTCP Plate, PS plate, Imagesetting Film, Flexographic Plate, Photo Paper, Medical Film. These plates are well-accpeted by our clients for its good quality, stable performance and competitive price. We look for distrubutors and resellers all around the world. We also look forward to long term relationship with users.

If you are interested in our products, please dont be hesitate to be in touch with me!

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