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Green Sensitive Medical X Ray Film

Green Sensitive Medical X Ray Film

High sensitive speed
Good definition
Wide exposure latitude
Good using comparability

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Product Details

Green Sensitive Medical X Ray Film

Features and Uses

The product is general green sensitive medical x-ray film, which has greenish emulsion layers on both sides of bluish polyester bases.


Safe light

Dark red safe light with a 15-watt bulb located at least 2.5 meters from the film.

Total lighting time should be in 10 minutes.



Auto Processing

Developing temperature: 30-35℃, developing time: 90-180s

Manual Processing

Developing temperature: 20-24℃, developing time: 6-3s


Conditions of usage

The best condition of usage as following:

Temperature 18-24℃, humidity 40%〜65%RH.



Please store the film in cool and dry place with out dust. Keep away from direct sunlight, acid or alkaline gas. Details as follows:

  1. Temperature and humidity: temperature 10°C ~ 23°C, humidity 30% ~ 65%RH, keep away from the heat resource.

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