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The Classification of CTP plate
Jun 22, 2017

CTP direct plate technology is the abbreviation of English Computer to Plate, which originated in the 80's, so far about 20 years of history. But in the field of printing the real application only 9-10 years time. At present, CTP direct plate technology is in a vigorous development stage, there have been new technologies and systems, many systems. CTP technology applications are mainly distributed in the commercial printing and newspaper printing, the former mainly the pursuit of printing quality, efficiency, save labor. Saving supplies, etc .; the latter is more emphasis on high efficiency. And as a printing business is facing the pressure of the market economy, coupled with the order to short board-based, which requires companies to minimize the plate and printing time to ensure that the production cycle; Competitiveness, and thus win better economic and social benefits.

1. The composition of the CTP system

    In a narrow sense, CTP technology products are composed of CTP sheet and CTP equipment, both supporting the use, inseparable. Broadly speaking, CTP also includes digital workflow and digital proofing two components, the only way to form a complete CTP system.

2.CTP classification

From the imaging technology to points: a metal plate and polyester plate two. Metal sheet mainly refers to the aluminum plate, the main thing is resistant to high India, for a wide range, with better graphic quality, especially for long version of printing. With the rapid development of digital technology, on-demand printing, short board live more and more, the use of polyester version can make the printing plant to meet customer needs. If the coating by the division, the most common polyester media are: photosensitive resin and thermal version.


From the plate performance points: the type of plate is more, can be divided into photosensitive and thermal two major systems. Photosensitive can generally be divided into two types of silver salt and photopolymerization, can also be divided according to the different light waves and red laser panels, green laser panels, blue laser panels, purple laser panels and UV laser panels and so on. The heat-sensitive sheet has a sheet which needs to be preheated before the development and does not require preheating, as well as a heat-ablative plate, a thermally induced sheet and a hot wax transfer sheet which do not require post-treatment.

From the equipment points: There are inner drum, outer drum and platform three clock, respectively, suitable for commercial printing and newspaper printing. Imaging equipment is today's familiar CTP Platesetter converts the lattice data of the digital page into the ON / Off working state of the scanning laser, and performs the progressive scanning imaging on the imaging plate to complete the printing production.