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CTP Makes Printing So Beautiful
Aug 08, 2018

CTP makes printing so beautiful

Since the introduction of the first CTP system by China Standard Press in 1996, CTP has gone through a 10-year development period in China, with the maturity of direct plate-making technology and the realization of localized production of digital plates, especially in Chengdu. Figure FIT thermal high-performance CTP plate is officially supplied to the market. The problem of the supply of plates that have plagued the development of CTP in the industry has been solved. More and more domestic printing companies are focusing on the development of CTP systems, with the help of CTP. Application to consolidate and develop its core competencies.

CTP has brought us two major changes. The first is the improvement of the quality of printed materials. The printing of dot plates of thermal CTP output is very good. We have measured the dots and can accurately reproduce 1%~99% of the dots. At the same time, the outlets are clearer and stronger than the traditional PS version. The printed image is richer and more detailed, and the printing of the text is clearer. The customer is very satisfied with the printing quality of our CTP version, and some customers are designated to use CTP for printing. .

In addition to the improvement in the quality of printed matter, there is also an increase in overall production efficiency. Li Minghua said: Our CTP system can produce 22 plates per hour, and the plate making speed is quite fast. Compared with the previous output of film film, this efficiency improvement is immeasurable, and we control the production of the whole operation. More reliable. In addition, because CTP plates have better hydrophilic and ink-receiving properties, water and ink can quickly reach a balance, and only 7 or 8 sheets of paper can be used, which reduces the complexity of printing production. To improve production efficiency, our captain is now reluctant to use the traditional PS version.