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How To Realize The Printing And Packaging Industry Sharing Based On The “one Belt And One Road”?
Apr 16, 2018

How to realize the printing and packaging industry sharing based on the “one belt and one road”?


May 14th, 2017, Chinese president Xi attended the opening ceremony of One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBS, and delivered a speech titled jointly promoting One Belt And One Road construction. 

In addition, he emphasized that manufacturing industry is the material basis of the national economy, we should deepen industrial cooperation, propel industrial development planning becoming compatible and promoted, pay attention to the major project construction, and strengthen cooperation in international production capacity and equipment manufacturing. 

Moreover, he also said that we should seize the new opportunities for the development of the new industrial revolution, the cultivation of new business forms, and the vitality of economic growth. Chinese printing equipment manufacturing is supposed to play an important role of the construction of “one belt and one road”. It is not only works on industrial cooperation, but also in the education, training area. As a result, Printing packaging equipment can export along the “ one belt and one road”, actively dock and strengthen cooperation with other countries, which is significant for promoting the export of printing and packaging equipment and improving the core competitiveness of printing and packaging equipment enterprises.


Meanwhile, The Beijing printing institute is planning to build a Confucius institute in Gwadar, Pakistan, aiming to integrating industrial cooperation with education training, and not only Set up communication and cooperation platform for Chinese printing and packaging enterprises, but also improve the international influence of education and industry in One Belt And One Road.