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How To Use CTP To Increase The Efficiency Of Small And Medium Printing Enterprises?
Apr 13, 2018

In lower operation cost, printing enterprises need to implement CTP equipment and the rational configuration of plate machine plate, with different quality and price levels of plate meet the needs of different quality of the product, on the basis of meeting the requirements of printing buyers quality, reduce costs as much as possible. For example, the printing enterprise can configure two punching machines to adapt to different plate type and printing plate washing operation conversion, ensuring the printing plate quality stable mesh point of clear printing outlets to increase compensation reasonable set accuracy. Color management online connection to minimize printing preparation time, reducing printing consumption, improving work efficiency and achieving the goal of using CTP. Then, we can provide value-added services such as online sampling process management data intelligent analysis for printing buyers through the Internet to improve customer satisfaction and build core competitiveness.

on the aspect of improving the efficiency, Medium and small printing enterprises can use CTP to reduce the time and time of printing press by increasing the efficiency of the printing press. Specific strategy is the establishment and the printer dot matching CTP network to increase compensation curve, set up the printer and the process control parameters of CTP. Shanghai established between CTP version of all kinds of fast accurate alignment method, ensure the plate computer overprint accurately, boot testing-run ink evenly to fulfill the requirements of quality control. And the adjustment in the process of the whole printing machine time tends to zero, a printed out well.

Small and medium-sized printing enterprise CTP era is irreversible historical trend, only actively follow fast printing enterprise using the scientific decision-making can according to their own products quality requirements and production management mode to find unique competitive advantage of digital printing. Shanghai printing seeks maximum return to provide users with the minimum by CTP,  input the most satisfactory products with competitors distance between big goals, complete printing digital transformation in the true sense.

In addition, in the process of using CTP to achieve synergistic effect of small and medium enterprises, they should pay more attention to personnel training and making use of the professional resources. Small and medium-sized printing enterprise should know the CTP and digital workflow constructed out of the difficulty in the digital printing production system, through the industry-university-institute cooperation with colleges and universities signed with vendor signed with industry experts CTP application service years maintenance services such as a variety of ways to quickly get can create great value at low cost technology experience and scientific analysis method, and improve enterprise core personnel in a short time of CTP process digital control ability, Through the instrument and the data instead of the high cost of artificial, they can use the Internet to reduce the costs of experts or vendor site service and achieve standardization operation digital management.