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Processless CTP Opens A New Way To Green Printing
Apr 12, 2018

Processless CTP opens a new way to green printing

Normal CTP plate has to be developed, but during the process of developing it must creates the discarded developer which contains many chemical components, especially the strong alkalinity things which will pollute the environment and waste the resources. As a consequence, it is the development direction of CTP technology to reduce or even eliminate the environmental pollution. Now, here comes the processless plate.


In the whole printing system, plate making process is one of the most important parts, which is also an important way to carry out green printing. At present, the advanced process of plate making is CTP technology, which fundamentally solves the problem of silver salt pollution caused by the application of PS version.


Strictly speaking, avoiding dealing with CTP technology refers to imaging on direct plate-making equipment, plate material without any subsequent processing computer printing, process does not produce any form of liquid or solid waste. Broadly speaking, CTP technology can be expanded, and after exposure imaging, some low-chemical or non-chemical treatment processes are required to be able to be printed.


Low chemical consumption of CTP

Low chemical consumption of the CTP version of the development process while still using chemicals, but the consumption of chemicals is extremely low. Low chemical consumption of the CTP  the development process while still using chemicals, but the consumption of chemicals is extremely low. The waterless offset CTP can be attributed to the low chemical consumption CTP version, and its development process includes four steps of pretreatment, development, shading and drying. Special chemicals are only used in the pretreatment steps, and the pretreatment drugs will not be consumed during the development process. Then, the CTP don't need the surface of the silica gel plate coating which will be by the water in the developing steps and developing mechanical brush to remove, then fell from the coating material with filter to filter out directly. In  addition, waterless offset printing CTP environmental protection but also in the process of printing, because do not need to use the traditional wetting edition liquid version, thus greatly reducing the drug use, printing reduces the VOC emissions.

Low chemical treatment CTP is usually divided into two types of development . One is a kind of the exposure before or after the completion of the printing, CTP through basic does not contain chemical glue water or water solution of imaging processing, and then used for printing. Because of the need for water or water glue solution to develop, some manufacturers simply separate the development step, as a separate cleaning unit. The representative is agfa Azura plate, and its principle of hot melt is adopted, the plastic particles evenly coated with hydrophilic material on the version of the base, before exposure, closely arranged these independent plastic particles, after exposure, particle thermal crosslinking reaction, formation of graphic, unexposed part coating material after water glue cleaning publishing base. The other way is developing on the machine, which means it don’t need developing and just need to be put on machine. Before the printing, through the joint action of water and ink, dissolves the non-graphic part of the surface of the plate, and then starts printing. Dissolve the graphic part of the material by a version of the paper tape, but others were scattered in the liquid. The development technology is represented by kodak company's Themal Direct and Fuji film.