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Several Misunderstandings About Thermal CTP
Dec 29, 2017

At present, the CTP technology mainly has two categories of thermal and photosensitive, and the controversy over the development of the thermal CTP and violet laser CTP has never stopped.

An article published in a famous foreign magazine once pointed out that many people regard the heat as an expensive technology designed for high-volume printing. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the thermal CTP.

One of the myths: Thermal CTP is expensive

Violet laser imaging has been described as the most economical method of making digital plates. The article pointed out that this is only based on the conclusion of the price of violet laser CTP, and did not consider the actual cost of the user to pay the total. Just as a $ 1,000 low-cost car does not guarantee that future expenses (such as gasoline, repairs and other costs) are also very low. It is unreasonable to choose CTP based solely on the price of the hardware. Thermal CTP can reduce many processing costs, reducing the overall cost of printing. For example, thermal CTP lasers are up to 100 times cheaper than the cheapest visible laser source. Thermal CTPs do not require safety lights or darkrooms to reduce facility costs and improve working conditions. In addition, the thermal version of the storage is also more reliable than some CTP version of visible light, which can save the cost of job reprint printing. Thermosensitive plate implants require less maintenance than silver version CTP plates, thermal diodes have a longer lifetime than visible light lasers, and losses due to laser aborting are small.

Misunderstanding two: less heat-sensitive version of the plate, and the plate expensive

In fact, there are more suppliers of thermal plates on the market today than those of violet laser. Violet laser version of the manufacturer only three or four, while the thermal version of the manufacturer as many as 28 (the number may not be very accurate). We have reason to believe that due to the large number of manufacturers, thermal plate prices will continue to decline.

Misunderstanding three: thermal CTP only for printing a long version of the live printing plant

Violet lasers are aimed at printers that print less, but that does not mean that thermal CTPs are not suitable for this type of market. Small printing lack of comprehensive testing tools, most of them to imitate the large number of units to buy CTP model, it is difficult to make their own choice of CTP's decision. They can choose either violet laser CTP (because it is described as nearly as good as thermal), or as a thermal CTP. Some surveys show that over 10% of CTPs in installed CTPs are idle. Given the fact that most CTP devices are installed in less than five years, it is shocking that 10% of CTPs are idle. Obviously, some printers buy out-of-date, poorly performing, or expensive CTP systems that are hard-pressed to work with and have no sales value. Thermal CTP systems have the advantage of being scalable and easy to resell. The data show that sales of thermal CTP plate material than the visible plate more than 50%, thermal CTP to violet laser CTP sales ratio is 3: 1.

Misunderstanding four: violet laser CTP and thermal CTP the same quality

Thermal Square Dot technology allows FM random screening in production environments. Random screening has many advantages, the most interesting is that the random screen printing color is rarely affected by the paper color, which means you can use less bleached paper and recycled paper or inexpensive paper and cardboard printing . Thermal CTP spot diameter can be as small as 10μm, you can print very high quality fine print. Thermal CTP provides superior process control and accelerated print preparation without excessive adjustments to the press. In general, thermal CTP offers consistent quality, vibrant colors and clear dots. Thermal CTP is the smart choice for printers that want to increase their productivity and win the fierce competition.