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Lucky Digital Professional Color Paper SA-60

Product Introduction

Lucky Digital Professional Color Paper SA-60 is a new digital color paper that is researched and produced by the Baoding Plant of Lucky Film Co., Ltd. It inherits the whiteness of the last generation. It adopts the super sensitive coating and new-type color coupler technology and thus makes the photo bright and pure. The excellent stability ensures long retention period with its high quality. It is the best choice of the middle and high-end output due to its highly cost-effective.

Lucky Photographic Color Paper SA-26

Product Introduction

Lucky Photographic Color Paper SA-26 makes the restoration of the skin tone more authentic and natural. It is rich in high-light levels. Fully meets the wedding, portrait   photography and other high-end consumer group of high-quality images pursuit. The application of the new type of UV absorbers and anti-fading agent, together with the advanced emulsion technology, ensured the excellent image stability. Its color gamut is wide and is suitable for various of professional output equipments. It becomes the first choice of the high-end output.

Lucky Double Side Paper


In order to meet the photographic studios’ demand for individuation products, especially the increasing demand for baby photographic products in China, Lucky Film Co., Ltd. launches Lucky double side paper, which can be exposed and processed double side images. It breaks through the history of the single side image technology that lasting for nearly 160 years. It is a new imaging product for baby exclusively.

Processing Equipments

■   Double side minilab, the professional processing equipment.

■   Photo album accessory equipment such as bookbinding machine, laminating machine, guillotine machine.

Photo album for Babies Exclusively

■   Light and mass memory. One photo album is only 500g but contains 50-500 photos of baby.

■   Silver halide quality and characteristics, e.g. authentic restoration of skin, real and natural, high saturation, rich levels etc.

■   Environmental protection and healthy. No formaldehyde, methylbenzene, xylene.

■   Excellent whiteness, waterproof, tear-resistant, polypropylene base paper.



Lucky Chemicals

Product Introduction

Lucky chemicals are suitable for processing Lucky color paper and the other similar paper.


l CP-RA PRO series chemicals and G-68RA chemicals

l G-68SP series chemicals

l CP-22 chemicals

l DG-68S&DG-69I digital processing kits

l Double-face series chemicals


l Poli, Lijie, Imetto and the other professional large format machines

l RA-4 equipments such as Noritsu machines

l Konica machines

l Fuji Frontier machines

l Double side paper

Lucky chemicals are stable, bright in colors, authentic restoration, rich levels, high saturation and high density etc.


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