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CTP Plate Used For printing

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  • Thermal Chemistry Free CTP Plate

    Thermal Chemistry Free CTP PlateThermal Chemistry Free CTP Plate Features and benefits 1/ High quality 2/ Capable of bright room operation 3/ Environmentally friendly 4/ High development tolerance level and convenient operation Specifications *resolution and run length depend on the condition Transportation & Storage...Read More

  • Negative CTCP Plate

    Negative CTCP Plate1:High quality aluminum, composite grain and high press run 2:Capable of bright room operation 3:High resolution and precise half tone dot reprodution 4:High development tolerance level and convenient operationRead More

  • Negative CTCP Plate UVH300

    Negative CTCP Plate UVH300Negative CTCP Plate UVH300 High compatibility and environment friendly Negative CTP plates are compatible with most existing UV plate-setters, removing the need to purchase new equipments. In the washing-out process, customers can choose developers with a PH value of 9, which makes the process...Read More