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Long running positive CTP Plate China

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  • Thermal CTP Plate Processless

    Thermal CTP Plate ProcesslessPROCESSLESS THERMAL CTP PLATE Bridgehead TPH500 processless thermal CTP plate is a new green printing product developed by our factory suitable for thermal ctp platemakers. There is no need any processing steps before mounting exposed plates on press. Overview Of Processless Thermal CTP Plate...Read More

  • CTP Thermal Plate Negative

    CTP Thermal Plate NegativeCTP Thermal Plate Negative-working Bridgehead TPN Negative Thermal CTP Plate is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important. It provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without...Read More

  • Process Free Plate

    Process Free PlateProcess free plate is a new green printing product developed by our factory suitable for thermal CTP platemakers.Read More

  • Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Violet Photopolymer CTP PlateViolet Photopolymer CTP Plate Are you looking for CTP Plate with high sensitivity and long run length? Bridgehead VPH800 Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate is specially designed to meet your needs. It is also able to go through wide exposure and has processing latitude for consistently higher...Read More

  • Double Layer Coating CTCP Plate

    Double Layer Coating CTCP PlateDouble layer coating CTcP Plate Characteristic 1. Resist UV ink 2. Good stability 3. Wide processing latitude 4. Long impression runs 5. Extensive Specifications FAQ :Read More

  • Positive-working PS Plate

    Positive-working PS PlatePostive-working PS Plate Excellent Performence: High sensitivity which could raise platemaking efficiency. Exquisite grains with excellent water-retaining property. Good stability. Extensive adaptablit , could compatible with a broad range brands and types of platemakers, developing. Simple...Read More

  • Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate

    Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate1. Run length: 80,000-100,000 impressions unbaked, over 200,000 impressions baked. 2. Exact dot reproduction 3. Outstanding plate setter compatibilityRead More

  • Low Chemical Violet CTP Plate

    Low Chemical Violet CTP PlateEnvironment-friendly——Help enterprises to develop
    Stable developing performance, compatible with various kinds of developers
    Reduce equipment investment and maintenance cost
    Read More