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Long running positive CTP Plate manufacturers

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  • Double Layer CTcP Plate

    Double Layer CTcP Platepositive Double layer CTCP plate is a kind of high quality Double layer CTCP plate developed by Bridgehead Co.Ltd for customers, which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .Read More

  • Processless CTP Plate

    Processless CTP PlateWithout development processing, there is no need for developer, strong alkali, PH buffer agent, antioxidant and dispersants . As a result the pollution of chemicans don’t exit .The green plate-making process can be achieved.Read More

  • PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP Plate

    PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP PlateProcessless plate is the simpest way to product plates. When the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, it mounted directly on the press where the remonal of the plate coating has been intergrated into the start-up of the press.Read More

  • Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

    Double Layer CTP Thermal PlateHigh quality and efficiency
    Friendly environment
    Read More

  • VPF900 Violet Low-chemistry CTP Plate

    VPF900 Violet Low-chemistry CTP PlatePlate type:Negative-working, low-chemical violet plate. Application;Newspaper and semi-commercial applicationsRead More