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Low chem Photopolymer CTP plate

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  • CTCP Plate UVH200

    CTCP Plate UVH200CTCP PLATE CTCP plate has good storage stability. In the shelf life, its sensitivity, dot reduction and other properties are almost unchanged. CTCP is suitable for the mainstream CTCP platesetters, good development adaptability, as the best choice for the offset packaging and commercial printing.Read More

  • PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP Plate

    PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP PlateProcessless plate is the simpest way to product plates. When the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, it mounted directly on the press where the remonal of the plate coating has been intergrated into the start-up of the press.Read More

  • CTCP Plate Chem Free

    CTCP Plate Chem FreeCTCP Plate Chem Free + More efficiency of plate-making , thanks to less time taken to in the ready-plate-making process; + Saving the cost and time , because it can be reduced the clean out unite and chmical solution; + Building greener printing , for there is no need for chemical solution; +...Read More