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  • Positive CTCP Plate

    Positive CTCP PlatePositive CTcP Plate Bridgehead UVH200 Positive CTcP Plate is specially designed for UV technology. With new photosensitive layer fomula and high-quality substrate treatment technology, the plate has a precisely dot reduction, excellent ink balance performance and superior wear resistance. The...Read More

  • Chemistry Free CTCP Plate

    Chemistry Free CTCP PlateChemistry Free CTcP Plate Are you looking for a plate with no need for washing with developer? Bridgehead UVH700 Chemistry Free CTcP Plate will meet your requirements. Compared with the conventional CTCP plate, the development of the UVH700 plate is a physic process other than a chemical...Read More

  • Double Layer Coating Thermal CTP Plate

    Double Layer Coating Thermal CTP PlateIt has high resolution and precise half tone dot reproduction.Read More

  • CTP Thermal Plate Negative

    CTP Thermal Plate NegativeCTP Thermal Plate Negative-working Bridgehead TPN Negative Thermal CTP Plate is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important. It provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without...Read More