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PS Plate for newspaper Printing

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  • Positive-working PS Plate

    Positive-working PS PlatePostive-working PS Plate Excellent Performence: High sensitivity which could raise platemaking efficiency. Exquisite grains with excellent water-retaining property. Good stability. Extensive adaptablit , could compatible with a broad range brands and types of platemakers, developing. Simple...Read More

  • Postive CTCP Printing Plate

    Postive CTCP Printing PlatePositive CTcP Printing Plate Are you looking for thermal CTP Plate with high quality and low price? Bridgehead UVH200 Thermal Ctp Printing Plate is a product you should not miss! UVH200 is designed by Bridgehead to meet customers’ requirement, and facilitates the production for printing...Read More

  • Positive UV-CTP Plate

    Positive UV-CTP PlateThe first class aluminum base of Bridgehead UV-CTP maintains an even surface, exact dimension and all kinds of physics and mechanical capabilities.Read More

  • Positive CTCP Plate

    Positive CTCP PlatePositive CTcP Plate Bridgehead UVH200 Positive CTcP Plate is specially designed for UV technology. With new photosensitive layer fomula and high-quality substrate treatment technology, the plate has a precisely dot reduction, excellent ink balance performance and superior wear resistance. The...Read More

  • Offset Positive Thermal Aluminum CTP Plates Used for Printing like KODAK Capricorn GT

    Offset Positive Thermal Aluminum CTP Plates Used for Printing like KODAK Capricorn GTTPH-300 Thermal CTP PLATE Features and benefits: 1.Excellent resolution 2.High-quality substrate 3.Suitable for commercial printing 4.Wide developing tolerance SpecificationsRead More


    UV-CTP PLATE(CTCP PLATE) UVH-200UV-CTP plate has good storage stability. In the shelf life, its sensitivity, dot reduction and other properties are almost unchanged.Read More