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  • Chemical Free CTP Plate

    Chemical Free CTP PlateChemical free CTP plate Characteristic
    1. High quality alumninum,composite grain and high press run
    2.Capable of bright room operation
    3.High resolution and precise half tone dot reprodution
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  • Double Layer CTP Plate

    Double Layer CTP PlateDouble layer Thermal Plate can maintain a high resolution and an excellent printing performance durably during the process, so it is applicable to more printing conditions and long run length.Read More

  • Low Chem Violet Printing Plates

    Low Chem Violet Printing PlatesBRIDGEHEAD Thermal CTP plates Low Chem Violet Plate is an environmental friendly product. Compared with normal violet CTP plate, this kind of plate keeps original photosensitive features and printing compatibility and has following advantages: *Simplifying the...Read More

  • High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plate

    High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plateTPH-700 Chemical free Thermal CTP plate Features and benefits:
    1.High quality
    2.Capable of bright room operation
    3.Environmentally friendly
    4. High development tolerance level and convenient operation
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  • Negative Violet Polymer CTP Plate

    Negative Violet Polymer CTP PlateNegative Violet Polymer CTP Plate is a unique formulation structure and it makes the dot edge which is formed with laser scanning more sharp and suitable for high-end commercial color printing.Read More

  • Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate

    Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate1. Run length: 80,000-100,000 impressions unbaked, over 200,000 impressions baked.
    2. Exact dot reproduction
    3. Outstanding platesetter compatibility
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  • Processless CTP Plate

    Processless CTP PlateWithout development processing, there is no need for developer, strong alkali, PH buffer agent, antioxidant and dispersants . As a result the pollution of chemicans don’t exit .The green plate-making process can be achieved.Read More