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  • Digital Flexo Printing Plate

    Digital Flexo Printing PlateTechnological superiority
    1. Smooth printing, fast washing and drying speed;
    2. Excellent dot reproduction ,higher exposure and printing latitude;
    3. To meet the level of rich, the screening line required fine work;
    4. To detackify easily, good inking;
    5. The oxygen isolation measures can produce flat-top dot.
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  • Violet Polymer CTP Plate

    Violet Polymer CTP Plate*High resolution
    *High sensitivity
    *Long run length
    *Wide latitude
    *Strong developer compatibility
    *Outstanding plate setters compatibility
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  • Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate

    Chemical Free Thermal CTP Plate1. Run length: 80,000-100,000 impressions unbaked, over 200,000 impressions baked
    2. Exact dot reproduction
    3. Outstanding plate setter compatibility
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  • Processless Thermal CTP positive plate like KODAK Sonora XP Process Free Plates

    Processless Thermal CTP positive plate like KODAK Sonora XP Process Free PlatesPH-500 PROCESSLESS Thermal CTP Plate Features and benefits:
    1. Long stability
    2. Can be processed with water after scanning by thermal CTP platesetter
    3. Good dot reproduction, stable performance, wide processing latitude
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  • PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP Plate

    PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP PlateProcessless plate is the simpest way to product plates. When the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, it mounted directly on the press where the remonal of the plate coating has been intergrated into the start-up of the press.Read More

  • CTP Thermal Plate Negative

    CTP Thermal Plate NegativeBridgehead TPN Negative Thermal CTP Plate is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important.Read More


    DOUBLE LAYER THERMAL CTP PLATE1. Excellent resolution
    2. High-quality substrate
    3. Suitable for commercial printing
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  • Negative CTCP Printing PLATE

    Negative CTCP Printing PLATEN egative CTC P Printing PLATE Bridgehead CTCP plates adopt excellent coating component to keep the plate well-proportioned coated, with high sensitive speed, fine dot-reproduction and long run length.Read More

  • Offset Positive PS Printing Plate

    Offset Positive PS Printing PlateO ffset P ositive PS P rinting P late Feature and benefit
    1. High sensitivity which could raise platemaking efficiency.
    2. Exquisite grains with excellent water-retaining property.
    3. Good stability.
    4. Extensive adaptablit
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  • Processless Thermal CTP Plate TPH-500

    Processless Thermal CTP Plate TPH-500PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP Plate Features and benefits:
    1. Shorten preparation time for plate-making in order to enchance of plate-making
    2. Reduce equipment for process and chemicals to reduce cost of plate-making
    3. Reduce effectively discharge and pollution to create green printing
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