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  • Low Chem Violet Printing Plates

    Low Chem Violet Printing PlatesBRIDGEHEAD Thermal CTP plates Low Chem Violet Plate is an environmental friendly product. Compared with normal violet CTP plate, this kind of plate keeps original photosensitive features and printing compatibility and has following advantages: *Simplifying the...Read More

  • Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Violet Photopolymer CTP PlateViolet Photopolymer CTP Plate Are you looking for CTP Plate with high sensitivity and long run length? Bridgehead VPH800 Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate is specially designed to meet your needs. It is also able to go through wide exposure and has processing latitude for consistently higher...Read More

  • PS Negative Printing Plate

    PS Negative Printing PlateP S N egative Printing P late TECHINICAL DATA SHEET Specification Fast Exposure Speed for Easy Plate Making The negative PS plate can be developed by weak developer to ensure the fast developing speed. No need for retouching so as to save time and labor. Excellent Resolution and Dot Reproduction...Read More

  • Low Chem Violet CTP Plate

    Low Chem Violet CTP PlateLow Chem Violet CTP Plate is developed by the low PH finisher that go with it. In the process, there is no need to monitor the change of PH value.Read More

  • High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plate

    High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plateTPH-700 Chemical free Thermal CTP plate Features and benefits: 1:High quality 2:Capable of bright room operation 3:Environmentally friendly 4:High development tolerance level and convenient operation SpecificationsRead More

  • CTP Thermal Plate Negative

    CTP Thermal Plate NegativeCTP Thermal Plate Negative-working Bridgehead TPN Negative Thermal CTP Plate is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important. It provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without...Read More

  • Double Layer Coating Thermal CTP Plate

    Double Layer Coating Thermal CTP PlateIt has high resolution and precise half tone dot reproduction.Read More