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high sensitivity positive uv plate

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  • Low Chemistry CTCP Plate

    Low Chemistry CTCP PlateLow Chemistry CTCP Plate Are you looking for a widely-applied, low-chemical and negative-working plate? Bridgehead UVH300 Low Chem CTCP plate is your best choice. It is the latest addition to Bridgehead’s portfolio of environmental negative-working CTcP plates. It combines a UV photosensitive...Read More

  • Offset Printing CTP Plate

    Offset Printing CTP PlateThermal CTP PLATE Features and benefits: 1.Excellent resolution 2.High-quality substrate 3.Suitable for commercial printing BRIDGEHEAD Thermal CTP plate is a high-quality printing plate specialized for thermal CTP platesetter, it is directly scanned by 830nm laser controlled by computer and put...Read More

  • Double Layer Coating CTCP Plate

    Double Layer Coating CTCP PlateDouble layer coating CTcP Plate Characteristic 1. Resist UV ink 2. Good stability 3. Wide processing latitude 4. Long impression runs 5. Extensive Specifications FAQ :Read More

  • Double Layer CTCP Plate

    Double Layer CTCP Platepositive Double layer CTCP plate is a kind of high quality Double layer CTCP plate developed by Bridgehead Co.Ltd for customers, which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .Read More

  • Blue color Negative Offset Printing CTCP plate UV plate

    Blue color Negative Offset Printing CTCP plate UV plateUVHN-200 UV-CTP PLATE( Negative ctcp plate) Feature and benefits: 1.Stable quality 2.High sensitivity 3.Long run length SpecificationsRead More

  • Conventional analogue offset printing plates Positive PS Plate for Newspaper and commercial Printing

    Conventional analogue offset printing plates Positive PS Plate for Newspaper and commercial PrintingUVH-100 PS positive plate Features and benefits: 1.High sensitivity and good stability 2.Wide developing tolerance 3.Extensive adaptability: Being adapted to most of the platesetters, processors and solution SpecificationsRead More

  • Polymer Violet CTP Plate

    Polymer Violet CTP PlateViolet Polymer CTP Plate Features and benefits 1.High sensitivity 2.Longer run lengths 3.Compatible with most violet CTP platesetters Specifications FAQ :Read More