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  • Process Free Plate

    Process Free PlateProcess free plate is a new green printing product developed by our factory suitable for thermal CTP platemakers.Read More

  • Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

    Double Layer CTP Thermal PlateHigh quality and efficiency
    Friendly environment
    Read More

  • Negative CTCP Plate UVH300

    Negative CTCP Plate UVH300Negative CTCP Plate UVH300 High compatibility and environment friendly Negative CTP plates are compatible with most existing UV plate-setters, removing the need to purchase new equipments. In the washing-out process, customers can choose developers with a PH value of 9, which makes the process...Read More

  • Processless Thermal CTP positive plate like KODAK Sonora XP Process Free Plates

    Processless Thermal CTP positive plate like KODAK Sonora XP Process Free PlatesPH-500 PROCESSLESS Thermal CTP Plate Features and benefits: 1. Long stability 2. Can be processed with water after scanning by thermal CTP platesetter 3. Good dot reproduction, stable performance, wide processing latitude SpecificationsRead More

  • Processless Thermal CTP Plate TPH-500

    Processless Thermal CTP Plate TPH-500PROCESS LESS Thermal CTP Plate Features and benefits: 1. Shorten preparation time for plate-making in order to enchance of plate-making 2. Reduce equipment for process and chemicals to reduce cost of plate-making 3. Reduce effectively discharge and pollution to create green printing 4. Lower the...Read More

  • Blue color Negative Offset Printing ctcp plate UV plate

    Blue color Negative Offset Printing ctcp plate UV plateUVHN-200 UV-CTP PLATE( Negative ctcp plate) Feature and benefits: 1.Stable quality 2.High sensitivity 3.Long run length SpecificationsRead More

  • Double Layer CTcP Plate

    Double Layer CTcP Platepositive Double layer CTCP plate is a kind of high quality Double layer CTCP plate developed by Bridgehead Co.Ltd for customers, which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .Read More

  • CTCP Plate UVH200

    CTCP Plate UVH200CTCP PLATE CTCP plate has good storage stability. In the shelf life, its sensitivity, dot reduction and other properties are almost unchanged. CTCP is suitable for the mainstream CTCP platesetters, good development adaptability, as the best choice for the offset packaging and commercial printing.Read More

  • Low Chemical Violet CTP Plate

    Low Chemical Violet CTP PlateEnvironment-friendly——Help enterprises to develop
    Stable developing performance, compatible with various kinds of developers
    Reduce equipment investment and maintenance cost
    Read More