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  • Double Layer CTP Thermal Plate

    Double Layer CTP Thermal PlateHigh quality and efficiency
    Friendly environment
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  • Double Layer CTP Plate

    Double Layer CTP PlateDouble layer Thermal Plate can maintain a high resolution and an excellent printing performance durably during the process, so it is applicable to more printing conditions and long run length.Read More

  • Chemistry Free CTCP Plate

    Chemistry Free CTCP PlateChemistry Free CTcP Plate Are you looking for a plate with no need for washing with developer? Bridgehead UVH700 Chemistry Free CTcP Plate will meet your requirements. Compared with the conventional CTCP plate, the development of the UVH700 plate is a physic process other than a chemical...Read More

  • Positive UV-CTP Plate

    Positive UV-CTP PlateThe first class aluminum base of Bridgehead UV-CTP maintains an even surface, exact dimension and all kinds of physics and mechanical capabilities.Read More

  • Blue Color high sensitivity Offset CTCP/UV Printing Plate

    Blue Color high sensitivity Offset CTCP/UV Printing PlateUVH-200 UV-CTP PLATE(CTcP PLATE) Feature and benefits: 1.Stable quality 2.High sensitivity 3.High resolution 4.Long run length BRIDGEHEAD UV-CTP plate has realized the traits of consistency,accurate lattice point which meet the market requirements for speed and efficiency. SpecificationsRead More

  • PS Negative Plate for Offset Printing

    PS Negative Plate for Offset PrintingFeatures and benefits: 1.Fast Exposure Speed for Easy Plate Making 2.Excellent Resolution and Dot Reproduction 3.Superior Ink Receptivity and Ink-water Balance on Press 4.Long Run Length 5.Suitable for Common Ink and UV Ink Without BakingRead More

  • Negative CTCP Plate UVH300

    Negative CTCP Plate UVH300Negative CTCP Plate UVH300 High compatibility and environment friendly Negative CTP plates are compatible with most existing UV plate-setters, removing the need to purchase new equipments. In the washing-out process, customers can choose developers with a PH value of 9, which makes the process...Read More

  • No-ablation Thermal Negative CTP Plate

    No-ablation Thermal Negative CTP PlateNo-ablation Thermal Negative CTP Plate Bridgehead TPH500 Processless Thermal CTP Plate is a new kind of environment-friendly printing product. After exposure, it can be put on press directly without processing. The plate ensures good performances, such as excellent dot reproduction, wide...Read More