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positive ctp plates like agfa

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  • Double Layer CTP Plate

    Double Layer CTP PlateDouble layer Thermal Plate can maintain a high resolution and an excellent printing performance durably during the process, so it is applicable to more printing conditions and long run length.Read More

  • Thermal CTP Printing Plate

    Thermal CTP Printing Plate1.High quality aluminium, composite grain and high running press 2. High reslution and precise gald tone dot reprodution 3.High development tolerance levelRead More

  • Chemistry Free Violet CTP Plate

    Chemistry Free Violet CTP PlateThis product is widely used in the area of newspaper publishing. Simplifying the processing, only three steps including preheating, developing and drying. Reducing chemical consumption, saving water. Chemistry free Violet Plate TechnicalRead More

  • High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plate

    High Stability Chemical Free low chem. Thermal CTP Printing Plate like AGFA azura TS plateTPH-700 Chemical free Thermal CTP plate Features and benefits: 1:High quality 2:Capable of bright room operation 3:Environmentally friendly 4:High development tolerance level and convenient operation SpecificationsRead More

  • Processless Thermal CTP Plate

    Processless Thermal CTP PlateProcessless Thermal CTP Plate Processless thermal CTP plate is a new green printing product developed by our factory suitable for thermal CTP platemakers. There is no need any processingn steps before mounting exposed plates on press. Processless Thermal Plate TechnicalRead More

  • Violet Polymer CTP Plate

    Violet Polymer CTP PlateFeatures and benefits
    1.High sensitivity
    2.Longer run lengths
    3.Compatible with most violet CTP platesetters
    Read More

  • Double Layer Thermal CTP Plates

    Double Layer Thermal CTP PlatesHigh sensitivity, UV ink resistance double layer thermal CTP plate Revolutionary printing plate that provides high sensitivity , excellent resolution, consistency chemical resistance and impression without baking.Read More