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  • Positive CTCP Plate

    Positive CTCP Plate

    With new photosensitive layer formula and high-quality substrate treatment technology, the plate has a precisely dot reduction, excellent ink balance performance and superior wear resistance.Read More
  • Low ChemViolet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Low ChemViolet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Bridgehead VPF900 Low-chemical Violet CTP Plate is a specialized plate for violet CTP plate-setter and represents the trends of violet CTP technology.Read More
  • Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate

    Bridgehead VPH800 Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate is specially designed to meet your needs. It is also able to go through wide exposure and has processing latitude for consistently higher quality.Read More
  • Thermal Chemistry Free CTP Plate

    Thermal Chemistry Free CTP Plate

    Features and benefits
    1. High quality
    2. Capable of bright room operation
    3. Environmentally friendly
    4. High development tolerance level and convenient operation
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  • Double Layer Thermal CTP Plate

    Double Layer Thermal CTP Plate

    Bridgehead double layer thermal CTP plate has high sensitivity, good hydrophilic, well ink-water balance, Long Run-length, best market compatibility, so it is extensively used commercial printing and newspaper printing.Read More
  • No-ablation Thermal Negative CTP Plate

    No-ablation Thermal Negative CTP Plate

    Bridgehead TPH500 Processless Thermal CTP Plate is a new kind of environment-friendly printing product. After exposure, it can be put on press directly without processing.Read More
  • Thermal CTP Offset Plate

    Thermal CTP Offset Plate

    The sensitive layer of Bridgehead CTP thermal plate is a unique formulation structure and it makes the dot edge which is formed with laser scanning more shares.Read More
  • UV Ink Resist Double Layer CTCP Plate

    UV Ink Resist Double Layer CTCP Plate

    Bridgehead UVH400 Double Coating CTCP Plate is suitable for UV printing and conventional printing. Give you a choice to be environmental-friendly.Read More
  • Postive CTCP Printing Plate

    Postive CTCP Printing Plate

    UVH200 is designed by Bridgehead to meet customers’ requirement, and facilitates the production for printing enterprises around the world.Read More
  • Offset Printing CTP Plate

    Offset Printing CTP Plate

    Thermal CTP PLATE Features and benefits:
    1.Excellent resolution
    2.High-quality substrate
    3.Suitable for commercial printing
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  • Processless Negative Thermal CTP Plate

    Processless Negative Thermal CTP Plate

    1. Environmental-friendly
    2. High efficiency for plate-making
    3. Stable and excellent printing performance
    4. Improving competitiveness and realizing sustainable development
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  • PS Negative Printing Plate

    PS Negative Printing Plate

    P S N egative Printing P late TECHINICAL DATA SHEET Specification Fast Exposure Speed for Easy Plate Making The negative PS plate can be developed by weak developer to ensure the fast developing speed. No need for retouching so as to save time and labor.Read More