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  • Analogue Negative PS Plate

    Analogue Negative PS Plate

    Bridgehead's unique photosensitive coating consists of world’s first class photographic emulsion and resin, which offers outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitivity and increased adjusting flexibility. Bridgehead's unique photosensitive coating...Read More
  • Analogue Positive PS Plate

    Analogue Positive PS Plate

    Bridgehead Analogue Positive PS Plate will meet your all requirements. Equipped with multi layer grained and smooth coating, the plate is highly sensitive and reacts to large exposure range and developing latitude. Strictly produced and examined by Bridgehead standards, the...Read More
  • Chem Free CTCP Plate

    Chem Free CTCP Plate

    Bridgehead Chem Free CTCP Plate is one of our advanced products. Compared with the development of conventional UV-CTP plate, the development of the UV-W plate is a physic process other than a chemical one.Read More
  • Low Chemistry UV-CTcP Plate CTCP Plate

    Low Chemistry UV-CTcP Plate CTCP Plate

    It combines a UV photosensitive coating with an anodized aluminum substrate, ensuring high quality and wide applications. The plate promises excellent printing performance: quick start-up, stable ink/water balance and quick restart after a stop.Read More
  • Double Coating CTcP Litho Plate

    Double Coating CTcP Litho Plate

    To answer the market's needs for plate making speed and efficiency, Bridgehead Double Coating positive UV-CTP plate, as a UV-CTP plate, is developed by our R&D Team. Specifically designed for the CTcP technology, the robust plate boasts for its remarkable feature, which is...Read More
  • Blue Positive Working UV Plate

    Blue Positive Working UV Plate

    Fit for Kodak, Agfa, SCREEN, Luscher, Founder, Cron, Amsky and Heidelbery platesetter and developer, Bridgehead Blue Positive Working UV Plate has good compatibility with plate setters and developers from different brands. As a result, its user has various options in getting...Read More


    Specially designed for UV Technology
    Outstanding printing performance
    High-quality image performance
    Excellent stability and adaptability
    Read More
  • Clean-Out Gum Violet CTP Plate

    Clean-Out Gum Violet CTP Plate

    The most remarkable feature of the plate is the innovation in processing. Comparing to ordinary plate, it is processed by clean-out gum, which is more mild and helps protect plate-setters. Coating with photopolymer, the Violet CTP Plate has a good sensitivity to light and...Read More
  • Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate

    Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate

    Bridgehead Photopolymer Coating Violet CTP Plate, as a negative-working plate, is widely applied in newspaper printing with high output. The robust plate will facilitate newspaper printing users' working efficiency for its feature of fast roll-up. It saves water comsumption,...Read More