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PS Plate

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Offset Positive PS Plate

Offset Positive PS Plate

1.High sensitivity
2.Exquisite grains
3.Good stability
4.Extensive adaptability

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Product Details

PS Positive Plate

Product Attribute


Positive PS Plate



Dot reproduction

2%-98% in 200 lines/inch

Color change

Blue-Green to Green after exposed

Run Length

50,000 - 100,000 impressions,200000 impressions   after baking


UV filtered or Yellow light

Shelf Life

12 months under recommended condition


Commercial & Newspaper offset PrintingPositive   working,conventional exposure with imagesetting filmAluminium

positive type

Electro-chemically grained and anodized lithographic   aluminum substrate


0.25/0.30mm: 50 pieces/box     0.15mm: 100 pieces/box

Storage Conditions

Store plates flat in the packaging(sealed),Store   away from excessive cold,heat or high humidity Temp. at 10-28,with RH between 30%-70% stacking height <1.5 M



The characteristics of BRIDGEHEAD PS PLATE


1.Multi layer grains, smooth coating, high sensitive speed, excellent dot reappearance, large exposure and developing latitude, quick ink water balance, long impression.

2.Abrasion resistant grains, precise size ,excellent dot reappearance, quick ink water balance, super long impression.

3.Economical printing, high sensitive speed, perforation by international standard

4.Unique and Smooth Photosensitive Coating-High Sensitivity

5. Excellent dot reproduction


More information

1. Samples available, we can send 8 pieces plates to customer for testing.

2. All sizes of plates can be produced according to customers' demand.

3. Online technical support supplied . If there is any problem, you can feel free to contact us at any time, we will help you solve the problem in time.

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