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  • PS Printing Plate

    PS Printing Plate

    1.Advanced production equipment
    2.High quanlity
    3.Lowest price
    4.Good performance
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  • Positive Working PS Plate For Printing

    Positive Working PS Plate For Printing

    Feature and benefit:
    1. High sensitivity to increase platemaking efficiency.
    2. Exquisite grains with excellent water-retaining property.
    3. Extensive adaptablity to be compatible with a broad range brands and types of platemakers, developing.Read More
  • PS Plate

    PS Plate

    PS-Plates Features:
    Unsurpassed productivity
    Rich tone reproduction Clean work environment
    ​Excellent ink and water balance
    Totally aqueous plate line
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  • Birgdgehead PS Plate

    Birgdgehead PS Plate

    High quality Aluminum substrate
    Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer
    Excellent dot reproduction
    Matte layer to shorten vacuum
    Wide latitude of development and exposure
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  • Positive Working PS Conventional Plate

    Positive Working PS Conventional Plate

    Bridgehead Positive-working PS Plate is a conventional printing plate. It can be applied with Bridgehead Graphic Arts Film to achieve better printing outcomes.Read More
  • Conventional PS Positive Plate

    Conventional PS Positive Plate

    1. The highly pure aluminum base from qualify suppliers.
    2. Chemically micro-electronic grain process, generate an even grain layer
    3. Durable anodic oxidization layer, higher run length.
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  • Conventional Positive Plate

    Conventional Positive Plate

    Bridgehead Conventional Positive Plate is known as PS plate. You will benefit from its features: high sensitivity, good stability, wide developing tolerance and extensive adaptability. If you want to enjoy an effective printing operation, this plate is a good choice.Read More
  • Analogue Negative PS Plate

    Analogue Negative PS Plate

    Bridgehead's unique photosensitive coating consists of world’s first class photographic emulsion and resin, which offers outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitivity and increased adjusting flexibility. Bridgehead's unique photosensitive coating...Read More
  • Analogue Positive PS Plate

    Analogue Positive PS Plate

    Bridgehead Analogue Positive PS Plate will meet your all requirements. Equipped with multi layer grained and smooth coating, the plate is highly sensitive and reacts to large exposure range and developing latitude. Strictly produced and examined by Bridgehead standards, the...Read More
  • Conventional PS Plate

    Conventional PS Plate

    Bridgehead Conventional PS Plate is adapted to most of the platesetters, processors and solutions. Bridgehead's specially developed surface-coating technique provides the photosensitive layer with a unique matte surface that greatly reduces vacuum contact time, and virtually...Read More
  • PS Aluminium Plate

    PS Aluminium Plate

    PS-Plates Features:
    Unsurpassed productivity
    Rich tone reproduction Clean work environment
    ​Excellent ink and water balance
    Totally aqueous plate line
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  • PS Offset Plate

    PS Offset Plate

    Bridgehead PS Offset Plate is widely applied in commercial sheet-fed and rotary press printing with its advantages. The most outstanding feature is its high sensitivity and good stability.Read More
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