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PS Plate

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PS Printing Plate

PS Printing Plate

1.Advanced production equipment
2.High quanlity
3.Lowest price
4.Good performance

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Product Details

Birgdgehead PS plate

1.Advanced production equipment
2.High quanlity
3.Lowest price
4.Good performance

Product Type

Birgdgehead PS plate

Application Type

Aluminium ps plate use for ps plates developing machine





Plate Features

1. Multi layer grains,smooth coating,high sensitive speed,excellent dot reappearance,large exposure and developing latitude,quick ink water balance,long impression

2. Abrasion resistant grains,precise size,excellent dot reappearance,quick ink water balance,super long impression

3. Economical printing,highsensitive speed,perforation by international standard

4. Unique and Smooth Photosensitive Coating-High Sensitivity

5. Rough Gas-leading Layer

6. Excellent dot reproduction

Compatible Platesetter

Compatible with all the common ps plate making setter



Plate Thickness

0.15/0.25/0.30 (mm)

Maximum Size

Maximum Size


UV filtered or Yellow


2-98% at 200lpi


Above 100,000  (Actual run length may vary according machine,ink,paper conditions)

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions

18 months under the recommended storage conditions (10-25℃,with 40%--60% humidity, stock height less than 1.5m. Away from sunlight radiation &direct sunlight, Anti-humidity, Anti-acid &alkali)


0.15mm       100 pieces/box

0.25/0.30mm   50 pieces/box if length <1030mm;

30 pieces/box if length &ge;1030mm;

25 pieces/box if the area > 1 m2

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